Five Timesheet Features

More than a timesheet! 5 features to make time keeping even easier.  (scroll down for video)

  1. Project task list
  2. Time log list
  3. Expense and mileage tracking
  4. Customizable invoice templates
  5. Request PTO and other time off

Project task list.  This timesheet has a full project hierarchy.  That means you have projects, subprojects, and tasks.  Each task has estimates, actual work, percent complete, and a Gantt bar.

Time log list.  Actually, the time log contains the same information as the timesheet.  It’s just organized differently for ease of use.

Expense and mileage tracking.  You can enter expenses on a one-off basis, plus enter quantities of expenses or miles using a template.

Customizable invoice templates.  Create your own client invoice templates with your own logo and company style.

Request PTO and other time off.  Employees can submit time off requests, plus the system will accrue hours for vacation and other time off

What do you think?  Is that more than a timesheet?  🙂