CIO: Are You Involved?

CIO Insight had a short article that got my attention.  See the link below.  It caught my attention because it lists the business areas where CIO’s are not typically involved.

Areas CIO’s are not involved: 

  1. Choose geographical markets to enter
  2. Choose product markets to enter
  3. Choose product lines to enter
  4. Hiring non-IT employees
  5. Acquiring other companies
  6. Merging with other companies


I’d like to hear your opinion!  Should CIO’s be involved in these areas?  The first three are the domain of sales and marketing executives, and the last three belong to the CEO (who the CIO normally reports to).  So what involvement should the CIO have in these areas?  I would think little, if any.

CIO’s typically care about the information infrastructure of their organizations.  So how do these things apply to that.  Well, there’s web sites, databases, web services, network traffic, logins, etc, etc, etc.  I suppose that’s a fair degree of overlap.  But does it warrant anything more than a token seat at the conference table (when discussing the issues)?

Your thoughts?