Barcode Scanning for Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process you are able to keep track of the time spent on each product, follow your employees time and you’ll know how much time was spent on each task.

Just add a barcode label to your work orders or products.  Scan them during the manufacturing process.  And you’ll know how much time you spent per piece, per project, and per employee.  Use those numbers to reduce manufacturing time and increase efficiency.

Look for a free barcode font named IDAutomationHC39M_FREE.otf.  Install this and use MS Word to create barcodes.  Simply type *MyProject* into Word, and then change the font.  You’ll see a barcode label where your text was.

You’ll need to scan the employee name, a category, and the project.  This is enough information to start the timer in Standard Time®.  Then can the word “STOP” (without the quotations).  The timer will stop and you’ll have some new information you can begin to use to improve your business.