Bad Decisions Ruin Credibility

It is not easy being perfect, just ask Ed Hochuli, a widely respected NFL referee who blew a huge call last week during the Denver Broncos’ San Diego Chargers football game. You can not miss this guy. He has been a referee for many years and has worked playoffs and Super-bowls. Not to mention his arms are the size of tree trunks and he looks like he should be playing line-backer instead of throwing flags.

Anyhow, the point I am trying to make is that this guy set the standard for NFL ref’s throughout the league. Week after week, game after game, Ed Hochuli was the definition of steady and consistent.  In the world of referees, he was considered the best. Then came last Sunday, one bad call and bam!  Many in the media and fans across the country deriding him as brainless and calling him the worst referee on the planet. 

However, Ed is taking it like a champ. He is facing up to his giants. After receiving hundreds of hate filled e-mails, Ed is personally responding to every single one with a sincere apology.

So, what is the lesson in Project Management? You have got to be on your game and make the right decisions without EVER making a mistake? That’s impossible! But, what we can control is how we respond. People respect someone who takes responsibility for their mistakes. So, own up to it and move on. Only then can your team do the same. 



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