My list of project risks

There are at least a hundred reasons projects fail.  Expect anything from vague requirements to budget shortages to waning passions to unreasonable project schedules.  All novice mistakes…  But we can’t all be experts on every topic.  About the best we can do is identify the most common areas for failure, and discuss these with the team.  At least the team will be aware.

Here’s a quick starter list.  You’ll probably have to make it a little more diplomatic before presenting it to your group.  “:)

1. Newbies don’t know how long things actually take.
2. Unfamiliar technologies need extra research time.
3. Virtual development teams don’t communicate the same as in-house.
4. Team members without a passion for the product won’t perform.
5. Vaguely defined projects either go on forever or burn up in debate.
6. Projects without top-level commitment get lost in the minutia.
7. If the company doesn’t need it bad enough, it will fail.
8. Pick only two: Cost, Quality, or Time.  Let the third fall where it may.


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