Daily Scrum in 1910?

Warren mentions Henry Gantt’s desire to update project schedules daily (see post of Dec 27, 2011 http://www.projectteamblog.com/?p=190).  He met with his team daily!  I find that refreshingly visionary.  Gantt is seeing a hundred years into the future, and doing things the right way.  He’s staying on top of things in his own 19th Century way.

Sure, Gantt’s daily meetings were not the same as a Daily Scrum meeting — Scrum is not a warmed-over Gantt chart.  Gantt was simply reminding his team of the project schedule and tasks ahead, and updating his new-style chart to reflect the conditions on the ground.

That effort alone — the daily meeting — probably accounts for 75% of the success of any project.  Three cheers for Henry Gantt — 1861-1919!



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