Chocolate for your mfg shop

Everyone needs comfort.. manufacturing software that is 🙂



You’re in good hands with Standard Time® mfg software

Ahh, vacation! Get away, enjoy; let our mfg software help run your shop.

When you use Standard Time® your shop runs like a sewing machine. Projects are slotted for production, operators are assigned, and actual hours collected on the shop floor with barcodes. Come back from vacation to find new work orders filled up with actual time and materials from the shop floor.

What a nice feeling.   🙂

Manpower Requirements Chart

How many employees do you need for your projects in the next six months? Or even the next month? You probably have a good idea already. It’s about the same as last month, right… because you have the same number of jobs as you always did.

Or do you? Are you sure?

If not, you may need a manpower capacity chart. That’s the topic of the video below. It’s free to watch, and might inspire you to change the way you compute future manpower needs.

Every month, your manpower needs change based on the projects and tasks assigned to employees. Slot more jobs, and employee staffing increases accordingly. Experience a slowdown, and manpower requirements decrease. There is a direct relationship between jobs and people. That’s well understood.

But what’s not so understood is how to shift jobs around to even out the workflow. You don’t want to over-allocate employees one month and then leave them sitting on the next. Best to shift jobs and tasks around until the workload is level. Or, as level as you can make it.

That’s where a chart like this has value. You can perform what-if scenarios until things normalize.

Have you tried the Resource Requirements chart? If not, give it a try!

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