Web Developers Sling Code

My day yesterday:

  • 128 lines of CSS
  • 292 lines of PHP
  • 8 new files
  • 3 directories
  • and a little 302 redirect work in .htaccess

How do you remember all that? You can’t, because you can’t even remember what you ate last night for dinner.

That’s what a web developer’s time tracking app is for. Not only are you collecting enough information to bill your clients, you’re also collecting the various kinds of work you do. You’re documenting your work, which effectively creates a status report. Now your boss knows what you’re doing all night with your office light burning, and zillion red and blue LED’s glowing against dark office hallways. Pulling an all-nighter is the perfect reason for a good time tracking app. At least you’ll remember some of it the next afternoon when you wake up.