Creating a New Project

Use these steps to create a new project, and then assign it to users. The project can contain tasks. It can be assigned by a client. And the project, tasks, and client will show up in the timesheet.

Graphical Timesheet

Did you know there is a graphical timesheet in Standard Time®?  There is!  (In the Windows Edition, that is.)  Just click the little gray icon at the top of the timesheet and choose ‘Daily Hours’.  This mode displays time graphically on a daily schedule.  Watch the video below to learn more.

The graphical mode lets you see each time entry as a colored block on the screen.  You can easily spot overlapping time entries and correct them.

Filtering the Timesheet

Use filtering in the Standard Time® timesheet to show employee hours, or a single project, or client.  The filtering tree at the left side of the timesheet can be used to find certain information or to edit an employee timesheet.

Changing User Rights

Need to set the rights for each user of your timesheet?  Make some users admins?  And other users with limited rights, and limited timesheet access?  Here’s how.

Each timesheet user has rights that dictate what they can see and do.  Some users may only need to see the timesheet itself — no tasks, no expenses, no PTO, no time off, no invoicing.  Others may see all those things, or some.  You decide each user experience with these rights.

Approving Timesheets

In a single view; review and approve multiple timesheets.

Submitting and approving timesheets is optional.  But it’s still a valuable feature, and necessary for some organizations where supervisors, managers, and executives need to approve employee timesheets.

Customizing Invoice Templates

Rich Text Format (RTF) can be used in Standard Time® invoice templates. This video will show you how to customize invoices for client billing.

You need a flexible client billing invoice.  A Rich Text document that can be opened in MS Word does it!  It seems old-school, but it really works well.  Here’s why: you can use MS Word to put anything anywhere.  Then Standard Time fills in the invoice and opens it in Word.  You can then use Word to save as PDF and send it to your client.