Employee Availability Graph

Here’s a graph of employee availability in Standard Time®.  It shows when employees are available for work.  This is a lot like a resource allocation graph, but inverted.  The bars show when employees are available, unlike a resource allocation chart where the bars show hours the employee has work assigned.

You’ll need this if you are a consulting, engineering, or manufacturing organization.  It’s important to see when employees have projects assigned.  Standard Time provides that.



Timesheet Tasks

This video shows how the Standard Time timesheet displays project tasks.  Each timesheet is different for each employee.  That makes things pretty handy!






Standard Time Android and iOS apps

Here’s a new video showing the Standard Time Android and iOS apps.


All your time and expenses sync with the cloud or desktop.  So you can track project hours on the mobile device and it will find it’s way up to the big database in the sky.    Project managers like that because they get more accurate project time.  Remember, the more frequently employees enter hours, the accurate the project is.

Project schedules depend on accurate actuals.  So if you can get them to update their timesheets on a regular basis, then you’re farther ahead.  That’s what this app does.  It encourages employee input when the actual work is performed.