Interview: Five Timesheet Features

Project tasks, graphical timesheet, track expenses, client invoicing and time off accruals. Five favorite features available in Standard Time®.

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This product is more than a timesheet.  It is more than a project management app.  In fact, there is enough here to run a good portion of your business.  That is, if your business is engineering, manufacturing, or consulting.

Start by jumping into project tasks.  Build projects that represent your client jobs.  The tasks will show up in employee timesheet.  Track hours to them with the graphical timesheet, or spreadsheet-style interface.  Track expenses to those same projects.  Add your mileage and vehicles.  When you’re done, invoice your clients, all within the same software.

Did I forget project proposals?  Or project revenue estimates?  Or resource allocation?  Yep, sure did… but that’s for another day.  🙂

Actually, it doesn’t end there.  Employees can enter time off and PTO requests.  When their vacation or personal or sick time is approved, those hours are subtracted from their bank.  But… wait a few weeks, and those hours are automatically replenished by the time off accural mechanism.  Now you’re ready for some more time off!

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