How To: Create a Milestone in Microsoft Project

Milestones are a necessary element of project planning.  They let you stop and evaluate.  Have the objectives been met so far?  Is everything ready to proceed to the next step?  If so, we have achieved a milestone event, and the next phase can begin.  Here’s how to create a milestone in Microsoft Project.

Start by creating three tasks.  Notice that the third task is a zero-duration task.  That is considered a milestone in MS Project.  We’ll be linking into this task so that it gets pushed out if any other tasks go longer than anticipated.

Milestone Task in MS Project


Select tasks to link them.  CLick in the selection column to select an entire row, then Ctrl+Click in another row.  Click the Link button to link them.

Selected Tasks


Link and move some to illustrate the milestone.  Here we see both tasks linked into the milestone.  If either task is delayed, the milestone will be pushed out.  When the milestone date arrives, you should evaluate your project to make sure it is on track.  Then you can proceed to the next phase.

Linked Tasks

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  1. Why don’t you write about how to share a file in MS Project and how to let other team members edit it? I’ve heard that this is the weakest side of the robust tool. People promoting tools like Wrike say that sharing a file online in MS Project is almost impossible, and that their software does it in seconds. Should I believe them? I’m trying to evaluate different options here. MS Project looks like it does have a lot of pitfalls so far.

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