Blocks of Support Time

Many consultants sell blocks of support time to their clients. He/she could sell hours for supporting networks, etc. Watch this video for help managing this area of your business.

How blocks of support works

Your consulting firm has a relationship with many companies.  Some small, some big.  Anytime a consultant goes onsite for a job, ask the manager if they want to purchase a block of support time.  Offer some choices.  100 hours, 200 hours, 250, 500, 1000.  Anytime the client needs help, you jump in and fix things.  That’s because you have a contract for a set number of hours.

Watch another video here:

It’s just a project task

Blocks of support time show up in Standard Time® as project tasks.  You enter a name and the number of hours for the block of time.  Then assign it to a client and project.  That’s it.  It now shows up in your timesheet and on the smartphone apps.

Getting the software

Put the Standard Time app on your phone.  Android or iOS.  Each block of time shows up as a Quick Task.  Tap a checkbox to start the timer.  Tap again to stop.  You just charged some time to that block of support time.  Your phone will sync with the cloud or desktop.  The hours your logged will be charged against the block of time.  (It will appear as a task in ST.)

Selling new blocks of time

Standard Time will tell you when a block of time is nearly finished.  You simply approach the client with this information.  “Would you like to buy another block of time?”  The answer will be Yes!

When the client agrees, simply add a new task to ST to represent the new block.  The new task will sync with all your Android and iOS devices in the field.  Support engineers will see it and begin logging time to it.  And the whole process starts over!