Project Team Blog (a project management blog) is dedicated to timely project management and team news.  We want to support project teams as they work to develop products, manufacture them, and develop new ideas.

Innovation is a key component of success.  It is important that our project teams innovate continually.  Without that, products go stale and customers find better alternatives.  We can all use a little extra push in this direction, as we are inclined to sit back whenever possible.

This blog will strive to push its readers into new areas.  It will test conventional wisdom and suggest alternatives.  It is only with that ongoing search for better ideas that we move forward. So, if you need a little project management advice, check this blog occasionally.

We’d like you to get involved.  Your project management tips, tricks and advice can be helpful to others.  A simple reply to our posts will help you cement your own thinking, and pass along a little help to the next guy.  We hope you’ll consider contributing.  🙂

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